Giant Roses

Luxury handmade giant Rose with Stem.Giant Rose are a new fashion trend in decoration or for any event home decor and wedding decor.
They are excellent for photo zone at weddings or for ceremony and reception.
Furthermore, you can use them as a decor in a beauty salon, or home/office window displays.
Each flower is unique – every petal is hand cut, shaped, painted and glued by me with loving care.
The flowers are handmade from high quality, Eco-friendly material, and you can choose from a selection of design and colours
 Large rose diameter of about 50 cm (20”) and rose of diameter of about 40cm (16″) Base, stand with rose leaves
Height of stand 150 cm and another is 100cm.
This flower with stem is supported by base.(Included)
Care: Handle carefully. Wipe the dust with a damp cloth. Keep away from heaters.

These beautiful giant Poppies can be used for the events and home décor. If you want to create a fun, festive atmosphere, an oversized flowers stand would be perfect for a centre piece or against a wall.

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